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Defuse stress with the CISO's secret weapon: Incident Response Magic 8-Ball. The ultimate decision-making tool for any cybersecurity incident!


Consult this mystical orb during tough cyber situations, and it will guide you towards the right path. Its cybersecurity-focused wisdom provides valuable insights and even a touch of humor in the face of adversity.


Possible answers include:


  1. Don't trust the logs
  2. Call legal
  3. Time to inform the board
  4. It was that suspicious link
  5. 2FA was off
  6. Call mom
  7. Take a deep breath
  8. Do nothing
  9. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  10. Not phishing again
  11. Time to issue a press release
  12. Blame the intern
  13. Update your LinkedIn profile
  14. Buy more coffee
  15. Deploy the cloak of invisibility
  16. You'll laugh about this someday (maybe)
  17. Quick, distract them with cat videos!
  18. Quit now
  19. Get the incident response team a pizza
  20. At least it's not a Friday, right?

Cybersecurity Magic 8 Ball

SKU: 0006
Color: Multicolor
  • This powerful orb is designed to help CISOs navigate even the toughest of cyber situations with ease. Includes twenty (20) possible answers for any situation.

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