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  • Do I need to be an actual CISO to buy these items?
    You certainly don't need to be a CISO to enjoy our delightful selection of gadgets and toys! Our products are designed for anyone who appreciates the world of cybersecurity, so feel free to surprise your boss or a colleague with one of our unique and entertaining gifts.
  • Have Cisotopia products been reviewed by actual CISOs?
    Our products are crafted with the cybersecurity community in mind, and we value the input of real-life CISOs. While not every item is individually tested by a CISO, we strive to create gadgets and toys that resonate with the experiences and interests of cybersecurity professionals.
  • Can Cisotopia products contribute to my organizations cybersecurity strategy?
    While our products may not directly influence your cybersecurity strategy, they can serve as conversation starters, morale boosters, and sources of inspiration for your team. Embracing a lighthearted approach can foster a positive work environment and inspire innovative thinking.
  • What's going on here?
    Cisotopia was born from our desire to bring a lighthearted and enjoyable experience to the cybersecurity community. Our goal is to provide a playful escape while celebrating the hard work and dedication of CISOs and professionals in the field. Our unique collection aims to entertain and delight CISOs and cybersecurity professionals.
  • What can I expect for shipping costs when ordering from
    We're delighted to offer free worldwide shipping on all orders from We believe our unique and entertaining products should be accessible to cybersecurity enthusiasts around the globe without the burden of shipping costs.
  • Can I suggest a new product for Cisotopia?
    A: Absolutely! We'd love to hear your ideas for entertaining and imaginative cybersecurity toys. Feel free to share your suggestions on our Linkedin post or send us a message. Who knows, your idea might just become a part of our fantastical collection, and we might reward you for it!
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