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Introducing the first-ever printed Cyber Threat Map - a snapshot of the moment you ordered it!


Here's how it works: the moment you place your order, our team of cybersecurity experts springs into action. They scour the internet, searching for every possible threat to your cybersecurity. Then, they take all that data and create a beautiful, full-color map that shows exactly where the threats are coming from.


And the best part? You get to see a snapshot of the moment you ordered it — it's like freezing time and capturing all the scary stuff in one convenient place!

Not a Live Cyber Threat Map

SKU: 0002
Color: Cyber Blue
  • Hang it on your wall and impress all your friends with your knowledge of the latest cyber threats. Use it as a conversation starter at parties ("Hey, did you know that Botswana was experiencing a surge in malware attacks on April 1?"). Or, just stare at it for hours on end, marveling at the sheer scope of the dangers lurking out there in cyberspace.

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