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Are you tired of manually identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities? Do you wish there was a more fun and efficient way to reduce your organization's attack surface? Look no further than the Attack Surface Reductor!


With its sleek and compact design, the Attack Surface Reductor is the perfect tool for sucking up all the pesky attack surfaces that threaten your organization's security. But this device isn't just for show - it's equipped with advanced tech that will easily identify and eliminate vulnerabilities.


But the real kicker? The Attack Surface Reductor comes complete with a "suck-o-meter" display that shows you exactly how many risks you've eliminated. You'll feel like a cybersecurity superhero as you watch that number climb higher and higher.

Attack Surface Reductor

SKU: 0009
  • This vacuum cleaner-like gadget that may reduce your organizaiton’s attack surface (if used properly). Your risk mitigation progress is displayed on a "suck-o-meter".

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